Concept Branding

At CC Commercial Interior Design (CCCID), we are skilled at seeing the big picture while visualizing the end results but with attention to the smallest details that can really set you apart. In the end, our goal is to help increase the success of your business.

New Concepts

You have thought about the products and services you want to sell, you have imagined the types of customers that will come through your door, you have a vision for what the interior space will look like and the impression you hope to make on those customers.

We can take your ideas and design a space that is all about creating an impression that a customer wants to return to. We work with you to understand your product and service mix and the demographic of the customer you are targeting and come up with an aesthetic that defines your concept. We create a unique style that is your own while at the same time seamlessly integrating the interior design of the space into your brand.

Existing Concepts

You started your business with an idea and “boot-strapped” to get it off the ground, but now your success with this single store has shown that you have a proven concept and now you want to expand into a multi store model through franchising or corporate growth.

We will gain an understanding of your product and service mix and work closely with you to understand the demographics of your current customer and the characteristics of potential customers that you want coming through your doors. From there, we take your current themes and refine or turn them into a prototype design that can be rolled out.. We can also create customized “trade dress”, brand requirements, and preferred vendor lists for finish out sourcing.

Companies we have worked with: